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Learn the secrets of shooting video as fast as possible
The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to Shooting Video! Watch The Video

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video

Now you can learn the fast track system used by a world class photographer and videographer to
shoot, direct, and produce any type of video, regardless of your current skill level.
After watching this amazing guide that show you haw to unlock the hidden power of your DSLR so you can start shooting high quality video in the next few days

With this brand new video guide you’ll be able to shoot any type of video with your DSLR, micro 4/3's, or mirrorless camera, Instantly make more money with your DSLR by adding an in demand and high value skill to your arsenal and Learn the video production secrets of an award winning filmmaker and photographer so you can start shooting high quality video faster than you ever thought possible


You’ll get to tag along on four different video shoots so you can see our entire process as it happens. This is going to help you not only learn the concepts, but truly understand them so you can start shooting your own videos as soon as you finish the guide. We also take you INSIDE the camera so you can see exactly what the camera sees as we are shooting on set.


This video guide is dissecting the ENTIRE process of shooting, lighting, capturing audio, and directing videos shot with a DSLR camera. We break down everything into easy to follow steps that anyone can learn from, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie and it will help you:

  • To learn the entire process of shooting any type of video from start to finish (with step-by-step detail and real world examples)
  • To shoot high quality videos of ANYTHING you can imagine - our rules and secrets apply to virtually every type of video!
  • To shave months or years of time off the process of learning to shoot solid video of anything
  • To discover the secrets of shooting video straight from an award winning filmmaker and photographer
  • To learn from someone who focuses on just video and someone who has successfully transitioned from stills to video


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